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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  April 19, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hello, it's 6:00 and you're waking up to a cold breeze, it will make you shiver a little bit as you look live downtown
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and how about traffic? sharon will let you know after the weather. well, that looked cold. that's an idea of how the winds are blowing. we'll have goes throughout the day and today, we're looking at things calmer than they've been over the weekend. the forecast is up to 65 degrees and the average high is 66 and we're on target and overnight lows around 41 and that's above the normal temperature of about, well, actually, that's on target, 43 is normal and we'll have the complete updated first warning weather forecast in a moment. and we'll have the latest on the rush with sharon gibala in traffic control. well, two accidents could get in your way in reisterstown and that's near route 30 at butler road and the alternate
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is westbound emery road and to southbound 75 and one other wreck, this is on west cold spring lane and woodlawn road. still on the topside, no problems on 795. that one at cockies mill and one at warren road. for traffic information, go to don, back to you. her's what people are talking about today. a frostburg university student is dead and one student is charged with shooting two students. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. the police say that the evidence in this case points to first degree murder and family and friends of the student charged belief it was self- defense. >> reporter: a fight at a party leads to deadly gun fire. this student shot two others with a shotgun after they confronted him early sunday
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morning students accused him of assaulting a woman earlier that night. the 20-year-old was killed and the other was wounded. both played for frostburg's basketball team. the university president is stunned. we also have already had a meeting with the other members of the basketball team. we offered them our support. >> hall, seen here was a stand out soccer player for mount st. joseph's baltimore and at his family home, his family members believe he was acting in self- defense. >> he was definitely a nice person, but did he do it out of stress or did something trigger him off? i can't say. >> reporter: the counselors are helping the students cope.
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>> frostburg state is a safe campus and this is an isolated and unfortunate incident and we really want the students, faculty and staff to know this is a very safe place to be. >> reporter: meanwhile, hall is held behind bars without bond. >> he's been denied bond and he's held at the allegany county detention center. there were a string of shootings that left several dead on northwest baltimore. a man was found shot to death inside a car. the shootings began friday and the police are looking to see if they're connected. >> they had five shooting incidents and three are fatal and two home invasion style. none at this point were related to each other and three are
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related to illegal drug activity. >> the elderly kent island man accused of beating his wife and burning her is held without bond. he's facing murder charges. an autopsy determined that the 82-year-old died from blunt force trauma. job seekers can meet with employers downtown. it's part of the annual job fair hosted by cummings. it happens from 9:00 to 2:00. over 70 employers are expected to attend. >> in the daily toyota update, they'll fork over millions of dollars of cash to the government. toyota agreed to pay a fine of $16 million the government says that the auto maker delayed a recall over gas pedals and toyota has until today to contest or accept the fine.
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>> hours from landing or possibly a day. the astronauts are watching the skies below them this morning. they're watching mission control and bad weather in florida could prevent the shuttle from touchingdown today. here's the latest from wjz-13. >> reporter: discovery will touchdown with 2 1/2 tons of trash and discarded equipment from international space station. it was a mission with unexpected challenges including a faulty valve and a jammed latch. >> we've literally had blow after blow come at us and we've handled each one in smart fashion. >> reporter: stephanie wilson used this robotic arm to overcome this problem with the giant storage bin after the latch stuck.
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>> good job, ladies. >> reporter: nasa is going to fix it with a future space walk and three space walks upgraded equipment. with three more missions to go, nasa's racing against the clock to stock the station and stock it. >> and there's going to be a three to five year gap between the end of the shuttle flight and the beginning of the new launches from the united states. >> reporter: discovery is going to make the final shuttle flight in september. after that, nasa will develop a rescue capsule and president obama wants to journey to an asteroid and then to mars saying he'll be around to see it. terrell brown, cbs news. and the weather conditions in florida aren't great. the first landing would be at 8:48 and if they miss it, they'll try again before 10:30.
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the orioles will be waking up celebrating the second win of the season. in oakland, wiggington hits a 2 run dub and late -- run double and later in the game, adam struck out to end the inning. and that was a great catch by sweeney, but the oh's still beat the a's and snapped a 9 game winning streak. 8-3, orioles. almost sounds like a misprint. the nation's first president is long dead, but wracking up late fees. one of the ledgers shows that george washington never returned two books that he borrowed 220 years ago. if he were alive, he would owe $100,000 in fines. they're not worried about the fines, but they would like to have the books back. >> good luck finding where he
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put them. >> i'm thinking, mt. vernon. just an idea. >> ron has his hat on today. i know we talked about the nine game losing streak, well, this is a one game winning streak. >> well, we hope it extends to more. >> maybe then there would be 500. >> yeah, you're doming -- dreaming. >> well, i didn't say that. >> good morning, how are you doing. well, we have a win, and then boston and then the yankees. >> tim, welcome aboard, good to see you, it's manic monday in fell's point. i'm in a great mood this morning. >> sounds like you have a vocal fan, too. there orwhatever.
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>> we're celebrating national medical laboratory professional's week, good morning. >> yeah, yay! >> it's manic monday in fell's point when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on!
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this time of the year, the average low is 43 degrees. it's cool, but on target. winds calmed down a little from what they've been over the last two days. they'll pick up again thought the morning. winds from the west, northwest and a chilly wind and the barometer's rying -- rising. 43 in elkton and the winds coming from the northwest at 8 miles per hour and we've had a flow bringing in the cooler air and settling in over the state. 16 miles per hour winds over d.c. and we have a south west wind in hagerstown at 3 miles per hour. and across the area, we're seeing the high pressure building in and as the high pressure is building in and the
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lowe's been spinning off of the coast of new england a. that's bringing us the pressure and the wind. and until one of them gives, it will be that low likely. it will eventually move away. we have a chance of showers around texas and it will be moving in and tracking due east. we have a low that's moving in and drifting towards maryland and it will bring us a chance of showers by wednesday and thursday. good chance to get just a little bit of rain and then, it moves out for one more day until the next chance of rain by the weekend. the temperatures are pleasant. we'll be around 70-degree and it will be nice overall for the weekend sunrise at 6:25 and small craft advisory with a northwest wind on the bay and the next high tide at 10:48 this morning. 65 degrees and sunny and breezy
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and we'll have more blue skies today than yesterday. 41 degrees and sunny and nice tomorrow. for tuesday, 68 degrees and 68 wednesday and a chance of showers for thursday and 70 degrees and 66 friday and 64 saturday with another front moving through. we'll keep you posted one that one. and we've had a few problems on the commute. well, no delays on the main road, we have two accidents that could get in your way. this is route 30 at butler road and your alternate over to eastbound 140 and take southbound 795 and another crash at woodlawn road. otherwise, everything's running smoothly at 695 and 295 and no delays at the tunnel and 795 is running smoothly. this is brought to you by your
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toyota dealer. buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. now, it's time for manic monday. ♪ >> and straight down to the ronster in fell's point. you're wearing a baseball cap and an overcoat and a scarf. >> what does that say? >> well, it's april! >> your hat says baseball, your coat says football. come over here, what does this guy say right here. >> wow! >> it's summertime, well, almost. >> i'm dave and i'm a courier. >> is this your normal -- >> i'm optimistic. >> thank you for coming down. there's dave, where are you from. >> bel air. >> well, nice of you to come down, we appreciate it.
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>> i've been working all night. >> well, excellent, thank you for coming down. here's dave. >> i don't know. i get a kick out of that. >> i could see optimist bumps all over his legs. >> quick announcements here. check the manic monday schedule on next week, the mariners indoor football team will be here. how about that? we'll say hello to the folks we saw yesterday at the highland town wine festival. it was a mob, maybe the biggest crowd ever. they did a great job, thank you for all you do and my cousin, congratulations to you. and olivia, you did a fantastic job. okay, all right, here we go.
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it's manic monday and national medical laboratory professional's week! >> what was that. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. here's betty cecil. ingly i'm from morgan state university. this is the 35th year. our slogan this year is laboratory professionals get results. we autograph every sample with care and integrity and without what we do, no diagnosis can be made. yeah for us. >> well, we have different hospitals. sinai. >> johns hopkins. >> and thank you for coming. you do a great job. you've probably taken bodily fluids from me, i've had many tests, i can tell you that. >> and they sound great, by the way.
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manic monday is brought to you by mr. basement, we thank you, mr. basement. and gentlemen's got the hat, we have the coat. yeah, we finally won one. [ indiscernible ] good morning, everyone. >> let me hear those magic words. >> music, if you please. >> you know, sometimes, i feel like i'm living a john water's movie, but that's a good thing. and manic monday in fell's point. stand by. [crowd singing "manic monday"
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you guys are fabulous, we'll invite you back in november. it's a hat from mr. basement for you guys. thank you for all the work you do, we appreciate it. give yourselves a big hand. don and tim? >> nice job. and this is our friend from bel
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air. >> good to see you. >> thank you very much, i had to bring him on again, i'm sorry. >> all right, we're on again. >> and have a great day and enjoy your monday. see ya. >> i couldn't figure out where the whoo woo's came from. they were especially in tune today. we'll take a break and be back. ,,,,,,
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well, we're looking at a nice day shaping up. we have a little bit of winds bring us chillier air. taking a look at the graphic, we'll give you an idea. we have low pressure to the north east and up the coast of new england and we'll call it south eastern in canada and we have high pressure building in and it's the pressure between the two that's creeing the winds. we -- -- creating the winds. overnight lows down around 41 and for tuesday, 68 degrees and the five-day forecast is coming up shortly. yet to come on the morning
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edition: >> reporter: a frost burst state student behind bars and was it self-difference. and i'm tara mergener in washington, a huge ash cloud continues to reek havoc on air travel. and several air carriers decide what we can carry on board without charge. >> and it's getting busier on the roadways, we're seeing the first morning delays and more problems that could get in the way. now, let's send it over to tim. nor >> we have a little bit of rain moving in by the middle and end of the week, we'll tell you when in the first warning weather forecast. and chances are you've seen many of the different shows that wink martin dale has hosted and he'll be with us on coffee with in a few minutes.
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it's instant recall. kind of a lot of different shows rolled into one. ,,,,,,,,,
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hello again, it's a good looking, chilly feeling, breezy beginning to the monday. that's a good looking shot. for sharon is back in traffic control and tim is in for marty. and it's a breezy day, it's comfortable temperaturewise, the overnight lows around 40 degrees and the average is 43. the northwest winds are making it cooler than that. we're looking at 65 degrees under sunny skies and we'll see temperatures down into the low 40s and clear skies and tomorrow, temperatures are milder than today. we'll call it 68 degrees and sunny and nice. we'll talk about rain moving in by the end of the week.
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and thank you, the workweek opens with the road work being closed. >> well, that road that was closed in reisterstown at route 30. that's just reopened and that accident is gone. we have a few ore accidents that -- other accidents that could goat in your way. that's darlington at greenspring and watch for debris in bel air. ring factory road -- otherwise, the speeds looking good and everything's at full speed. we have a delay on 295 and they're the southbound lanes to the right there. there's a look at 795 and running smoothly there. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time and save more in the long run. a frostburg university student is shot to death and another in the hospital and the
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third charged with shooting the other two. gigi barnett has more. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. the police say that the clues in the case point to first degree murderer and family and friends of the student say it's self-defense. >> reporter: a fight at an off campus party leads to deadly gun fire. this student shot others with a shotgun after he was confronted early sunday morning. the students accused him of assaulting a younger woman at a party earlier that night. a 20-year-old was killed and another was seriously wounded. both the two played for frostburg's basketball team. the university's president is stunned. >> we've also already had a meeting with the other members of the basketball team and offered them our support. >> hall was a stand out soccer player for mount st. joseph's
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in baltimore. at his home, family members don't want to speak on camera, but they believe there's more to the story. neighbors aren't sure what to believe. >> he was a nice person, definitely, but did he do it from stress or did something trigger him off? i can't say. >> reporter: counselors are helping students cope. >> it's a safe campus overall. this is an isolated and really, unfortunate incident. and we really want the students, faculty and staff to know, this is still a very safe place to be. >> meanwhile, hall faces first degree murder and attempted murder and assault charges. he's held this morning without bond. the university is planning a memorial service for the next few days. back here, a man is charged
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with murdering his two month old baby. she was found dead in the back of the home on east hoffman street. she was beaten to death, possibly with a belt her father is held without bond this morning. a delaware pediatrician was indicted for several allocations. a nurse reported in 1996 he may have inappropriately touched girls. he's charged with 500 counts of rape now after the police say he even video taped the assaults on come of the patients. the pope is back in roam after a trip to malta. he had a meeting with eight men who said they were abused. he told them he'll protect children and they said they'll
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help them move on. [ indiscernible ] i go to my daughter and say, i believe, you know. >> the pope also pledged to bring abusive priests to justice. >> all eyes are on the sky since the air travel isn't back to normal because of the volcano in iceland. thousands of flights are on the ground since late last week and they could get back to normal today. here's tara mergener with more. >> reporter: most of european air space will be closed for business for one more day. we have an unprecedented situation. >> for days, this ash cloud
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spewing has throne global travel into chaos. some are forced to make terminals their new home. we don't know how long we're stuck here. >> reporter: sunday, 5000 flights took place compared with 24,000 normally. travelers are running out of patience and that's not the only thing >> i'm a student and i don't have much money. >> reporter: and the airlines are just as eager to get back up and running and every day they don't fly, it's estimated they're losing $200 million. major airlines sent test flights into the air space sunday. this plane was flown over germany and didn't get a scratch. klm says it's time to fly and one of the pilots says that 1200% safety doesn't exist, but there's no worry to fly.
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meteorologists say that the volcano continues to spew ash. >> i just want to go back to europe. >> reporter: the bag log of passengers means that when things return to normal, they may have to wait days or weeks to reach their final destination. and if you're flying from bwi to health row this evening, your flight won't go off, it's canceled. and when it comes to flying around the u.s. major carriers are going to allows to carry on bags for free. spirit will charge $45 to put a bag in the overhead ben and -- and others won't follow suit. >> when they started charging for checked baggage, we didn't like it, but this is a step
6:37 am
over the line. that's part of flying. >> he says that american, delta and united states and us airways have all agreed to allow the bags for free. and tax season is over and baltimore businesses want to celebrate. local boutiques are giving great discounts all this week. downtown business owners are encouraging the new bus downtown for a full list of the merchants, go to the story at and a star studded music packed event at the country music awards and in the end, carey underwood will make history with another big win. sandra hues has more. ♪ >> reporter: newcomers and young guns sent the stage smoking at the country music awards. lady antebellum swept the night
6:38 am
and won five awards including song of the year and single record of the year and top vocal group. ♪ "need you now" has crossed music genres and they were nominated more than anyone else. >> this isn't lost in our eyes, we're living our dreams. >> reporter: she's 27 and snagged her second win and she won for top female vocalist. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> reporter: and carey underwood won entertainer of the year twice. god bless you so much. >> reba mcintyre hosted the event that have more about the music. and one after another after the other, performers sang about
6:39 am
heart break and soul mates. >> reporter: for most of the year, the most of the musics are -- musicians were on the road or in nashville. >> we all tour separately and these are places where you can see each other. >> reporter: and celebrate country music in a way that country music's greatest can. >> you've given us the dream that every country singer and musician dreams of. thank you so, so very much. >> that was brooks & dunn saying good-bye, they took home a win for the best duo for the tenth time and they announced last year they would be retiring after a summer long tour. they joked they're going into therapy with brett favre. and in sports, the orioles can wake up with smiles on
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their faces after snapping the nine game losing streak. wiggington hits a double to the opposite field. that's the rbi on the base and it was all part of an 8-3 oh's over the a's win. they'll go to seattle now to play in boston. as tim said, it's a start of a winning streak. >> we'll mention quickly, the country music awards. all of the over awards shows can learn from them, they always go off on time. i don't know what they do or how they do it. >> well, sounds like someone worked late last night. >> well, the last cord hits and reba says, well, good night and then we're on. well, she runs a nice show. >> she holds it down. i think they listen to her. that's what happens.
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and you never hear a moan when she tries to crack a joke. >> well, 65 degrees and no, not at all. i meant, no it all. >> i know what you mean. >> i was snapping my head at 65 degrees. it will be that. starting out chilly and sunny and clear tonight and 41 degrees and tomorrow, 68 degrees. >> now, i like that. we'll talk about that in a moment. >> and wink martin dale is back hosting his 20th game show. he'll join us on coffee with and wait until you hear his rap song. i hope they left it in. >> oh, man. we'll have traffic and weather, don't go away, the eyewitness news morning edition resumes in a minute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thank you, and what awaits you on the way to work, here's sharon. we, we have a few issues and delays at this hour. watch for that accident --
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well, a disabled vehicle on the ramp to the inner loop of the beltway. we have an accident in haverty grace. and that's at wing factory road and there's the speeds around the beltway and seeing the spots around the beltway and the average speed, 44 miles per hour and the 14-mile per hour drive time and that's slow and go and this seems to be an area where the traffic is moving and the average speed is 47 miles per hour and the area is 8 minutes and there's a look at 295 and there's another look at the beltway and west country road. this is brought to you by toyota. you'll find quality cars and trucks. toyota toy, moving forward. and today's guest has sparked a lot of discussion about the fact that we saw him
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when we were in our teens doing game shoes on tv and there's a span of when we were in the preteens we'll see, he still looks the same and the satellite tour provided by the game show network. >> please welcome wink martin dale to the eyewitness news morning edition. >> hi, don. >> hi, how are you. >> well, i've never felt better and had less in my life. >> well, i have to say, you look great and i have to say something to you that people say to me all of the time. i grew up watching you and i can't believe that i'm talking to you. >> well, i feel that's an honor, it lets me know i've been around long enough that people remember who i am and i'm still viable and doing still another show. >> well, how about that. that's impressive. well, thank you. >> and everyone knows you from
6:49 am
tick tack doe and you've hosted 14 other shows. >> no, 19. don't sell me short. >> okay. >> i could never hold a job. >> bill did 21 and this is my 20th. >> and you mentioned the late game show host. i had the pleasure of working with him. i got to know him well. he was my hero, there's never been a better game show host. >> i used to listen to him on the radio. yeah, you are old! >> well, just a little bit younger than you. >> only a little. >> well, let's talk about the new show. >> well, it's a combination of two ideas, first and formost, a
6:50 am
hid. camera game. someone brings in a mark to be punked and through a series of events, we put this person in an unusual and unsavory situation. and finally, when they realize they've been punked, i say, hey, you're on a game show. they're like, what? it's a magic moment and i enjoy it from the show. we go from the hidden camera to the question and answer element. we say, how much do they remember about the experience awent through and the more they remember, the more prizes and essentially, that's the idea and it's an idea that's never been done before. >> sure, it starts out sounding like candid camera. >> and being punked. that's the way we talked about i.
6:51 am
and you get to wear the bright coat. i love that one and the yellow one. these are jackets i wore on tick tack doe and my wife kept them and the game show wanted a retro look and i had some of them cleaned. >> and the producers save ton wardrobe, they must love you. >> there you go. >> and i remember in the late 50s when you were on tv, you had a hit song called "deck of cards." from yeah, it's a record that's followed me to this day. i have people saying, are you the same that recorded the "deck of cards." >> and i say, do you think there are two of me walking the
6:52 am
earth. please! and here we are, you have a new game show. >> i'm a legend since '73 and now, i'm back on yo tv with a game to test your memory. the players have to memorize what they devise before their eyes and surprise, realize, it's a game show in disguise. >> i like that. that's hot, that's your spot for the new show. >> well, it's a promo they did and it's gotten play and it's been received with such, well, unanimity as far as a positive teal is concerned. who knows, maybe we'll put it out as a single recording. >> i think you need more money. >> well, you can always use an extra buck or two. >> well, you look like you're doing good and good luck with the new show. instant recall. >> thank you, don, my pleasure.
6:53 am
>> it's my pleasure talking to someone i used to watch all of the time. >> and we're playing it again. wink, thank you, and we'll -- well, i should wrap this, but i won't. we'll check on traffic and weather right after this. (announcer) ,, we send them off each day. our future leaders. explorers, great thinkers. they're the future of america, so let's bring them up right and give them our cheese. american cheese. kraft singles. put it in their lunch boxes. heck, put it right in their mouths. it's made with milk, never oil like some other slices. a country is only as good as its cheese. good thing ours doesn't have a bunch of holes in it. kraft singles - the american cheese.
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it's the greatest merger in dishwashing history. it will impact pots and pans everywhere. gel and powder join forces to create a superpower. cascade complete pacs. now, for the inside story. [ man #1 ] the best of cascade powder and gel have combined in one powerful pac to obliterate grease, annihilate tough foods. a true powerhouse. [ man #2 ] cascade complete pacs. you heard it here. combine and conquer!
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[upbeat whistling continues] discover the unexpected beauty and man-made relaxation in northwest florida. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding) >> here are the updates from sharon. >> today, we're going up to 65 degrees and a breezy day, not that windy as over the weekend. saturday and sunday, were blustery, today, 65 and 68 tomorrow and a w bit of
6:56 am
sunshine and chance of rain on wednesday and thursday and we'll clear out for thursday and friday. at least we'll be up around 70- degree and another chance of showers on saturday. temperatures back into the 60s. now, for a look at the roads, we'll send it over to sharon gibala. my, tim, good morning, everyone, we've picked up a new problem on the beltway. an accident on the inner loop on the ramp to security boulevard. also, watch for a disabled vehicle on the ramp to the beltway and also, an accident in halvety grace at greenspring road and there's a look at the ride times. 38 miles per hour on the westside and there's the west side at baltimore national pike. this is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you've suffered a personal injuries give them a call. don, back to you. stay with wjz-13,
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maryland's news station. complete news and weather and complete news and weather and traf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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